Discern Realities

When you closely study a situation or person, roll+WIS.

✴On a 10+, ask the GM 3 questions from the list below.

✴On a 7–9, ask 1.

Either way, take +1 forward when acting on the answers.

• What happened here recently?
• What is about to happen?
• What should I be on the lookout for?
• What here is useful or valuable to me?
• Who’s really in control here?
• What here is not what it appears to be?


By default these are the only questions you can ask. Note that the GM isn’t going to tell you to give this a roll to, say, spot an ambush or find a secret passage. When you want to scope out the scene, tell the GM and make with the dice!

You can also use this during combat to maybe notice what a monster or bad guy is going to do, what you can use against them, etc.

Discern Realities

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