Human Witch 1


Glass eye, Long Hair, Thin, Dark Robes


Evil -inflict lasting harm on someone


Deal With The Devil


STR 9 (0) DEX 12 (0) CON 8 (-1) INT 13 (1) WIS 15 (1) CHA 16 (+2)
HP 12
Damage 1d4


Load 3/8
Book of spells
Sack of rune stones
Dungeon rations (5 uses)
A rune-scribed wand (near, arcane, 3 charges)
2 poppets (2 uses, arcane, near) and some pins (hand, -1 damage, precise)


When you spend a few minutes performing a divination, describe what it looks like, then ask the GM a question and roll:
- 1 if you only want a yes or no response.
- +1 if you have something that belonged to the person, place, or thing.
✴On a 7
, the GM will answer your question, and you take 1 forward when
acting on the answer. ✴On a 10
, you can ask the GM a followup question.


When you utter a curse upon a nearby living creature, roll+CHA. ✴On a 10+, you afflict them with a curse until the next sunrise. ✴On a 7-9, you also choose 1:
• You or an ally suffers the affects of the curse in some way—the GM will tell you who and how.
• It ends when you curse someone else.
• It can be ended by fulfilling a fairly easy condition—tell them what they must


When you have time to gather materials and a safe place to work, make any combination of three of the following items for free:
• Healing salve (3 uses, 0 weight)
• A vial of antitoxin (0 weight)
• Herbs and poultices (2 uses, slow, 1 weight)


When you flip through your spellbook for a magical effect or how to craft a magical item, tell the GM what you want to do or create, and the GM will tell you:
• What you will need
• How long it will take
• How long the spell or effects of the magic item will last
• Any restrictions or limitations (specific time or place, must be used or activated in a specific way, etc)


You have a familiar that provides you with advice and information. Describe what it looks like, its personality, and how you got it. When you spout lore take +1, and on a miss your familiar will seek out the answer in exchange for some of your blood: take 1d4 damage, ignoring armor. If your familiar dies, you can summon, craft, or bind a new one using thaumaturgy.



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