Kyr Anathem


Living Star


Long Hair, Golden Eyes


Good: Use your light to aid another person or creature.


Corpse Star: When you take damage to regain radiance, you also take +1 armor ongoing until you make camp. Does not stack.


STR 15 (1) DEX 13 (1) CON 16 (2) INT 8 (-1) WIS 9 (0) CHA 12 (0)
HP 22
Damage 1d6


Load 4/9
Iron sword (close, +1 damage, 2 weight)
Dungeon Rations (2/5 uses, 1 weight)
Adventuring Gear (5/5 uses, 1 weight)


Mim walks a dark path and I will help illuminate their way.
Klaus underestimates my power.


You have a Radiance stat equal to your Constitution. When your radiance is full your body can glow as brightly as the sun, otherwise it can glow as bright as a lantern. When you are reduced to 0 radiance, you can take 1d8 damage to gain an equal number of radiance. When you make camp, regain all spent radiance.

Plasma Charge

As long as you have radiance, your hands are considered weapons with the close and 1 piercing tags. When you hack and slash with your hands, you can choose to spend radiance and roll+Radiance spent.

Blinding Glare

When you suddenly flare brightly, spend radiance and roll+radiance spent. *On a 7+, any creature gazing upon you is momentarily dazzled. *On a 10+, you take +1 forward against them.


Kyr Anathem

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