Move Basics

When you want to do something, tell me what you are trying to do and make with the dice.

The GM doesn’t tell you “Hey, gimme a Discern Realities roll”, you need to tell me when you stop to carefully scope out a person or place. Some moves let you get away without doing anything, like the thief’s Shoot First: you never get ambushed.

If you walk into a room and there’s a giant spider waiting in the wings, if you don’t look up, and I don’t think anyone has a chance of noticing it otherwise, then someone is probably going to get bit. Well, except for that thief with Shoot First. But, then I might just bite someone else.

On a 10+, 7-9, or miss…

Normally a 10+ is the best result you could hope for. Doesn’t mean that everything is necessarily going to go your way, just that it’s the best outcome you can feasibly get. This might open up some other choices, like how Hack and Slash gives you the option to deal more damage, but you get hit back.

Some moves add in 12+ options, like the thief’s Evasion move. The fighter has one, too. So, a 12+ doesn’t inherently do something extra unless you have a move that triggers that.

A 7-9 is also called a “soft move” or “soft hit”. You succeed, but there’s a cost or a choice you’ll have to make. Sometimes I’ll just flat out say “this bad thing happens”. Hack and Slash is a good example of this: if you attack a monster and get a 7-9, I get to make an attack. That doesn’t always mean damage, just the monster makes a move: could be damage, but it could be worse. Just depends.

A miss is the worst of the worst. Yeah, you get to mark XP, but it’s a blank check for the GM to lay the hurt on you. Generally I’ll “snowball” the results, so the first time might hurt a bit, but if you keep getting misses and 7-9’s, you’re going to have a bad time.

Move Basics

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